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Brief review

G-Dictionary is a translation tool that allows users to translate and define words from Gujarati to English and vice versa. This tool comes with a very colorful interface that is somewhat crammed with information. Users will find lists of words both in English and in Gujarati listed inside of one large window and various selections can be made based on user preferences.


Users can enter English or Gujarati words into the search bars. The English search bar is colored a shade of green while the Gujarati search bar is colored a shade of purple. Searching for a term will display plenty of possible translations and these can be clicked on to include definitions. To the right hand side of the screen are possible Gujarati accents that might need to be used. To the left hand side of the screen is a basic English alphabet. Using this program is not hard once you become used to the bright colors and crammed interface.

Main Function

As noted, the main purpose of G-Dictionary is to provide users with either Gujarati or English translations. Anyone seeking to better their Gujarati or English will find this program immensely helpful. As a simple translation tool, G-Dictionary works very well.

Extra Features

G-Dictionary provides users with the option to enter just one or two letters into a search bar when searching for a word. If a user wanted to find the word “Cat” for example, the letters “c” and “a” could be entered and G-Dictionary would pull up the word cat. This is a nice feature that is very useful.


For $5, you can’t go wrong with G-Dictionary.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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